Shadow Spirit – First Peoples exhibition now in Melbourne (short review)

Flinders Street Station – Shadow Spirit exhibition is in the halls upstairs.

It is at times that I feel lucky that I’m able to travel to Melbourne to see amazing things. To finish off NAIDOC week, we participated this marvellous and deeply moving and connecting art/traditional ceremonial journey, via various light-shadow-and-moving-image-filled rooms.

I say “participated” because we did not merely look and listen. To witness especially the final “nature/ceremony experience” was an act of participation, rather than observation. I cannot articulate how deeply I was affected by this final journey.

Thank you to all artists and also the many staff who assisted and supported those attending and participating in this magnificent exhibition.

Here is a bit about it, from the organisers: “Shadow Spirit is an immersive First Peoples exhibition at the iconic Flinders St Ballroom. Harnessing ancestral knowledge to share stories of First Peoples Spirit worlds through multiple artforms including installation, sculpture, animation, sound, and video. Ascend to Flinders Street Station’s top floor for an exhibition that shares spirit worlds, heeding warning and bringing protection. Enter a new dimension where time undulates between the past and present, and where spirits and creatures of country ask us to listen deeply. Thirty of the most exciting First Peoples artists and collectives from across Australia, invite you into these realms.”

For more information go to: Shadow Spirit.

Note: I chose to not take photos of the most important traditional art/ceremonial song/journey. Here is a photo of one of the rooms of journeys-through-moving-nature-and-spirit: Shadow Spirit – example.