Providing all our services remotely (via telephone, Zoom and email) at this time

We wish to advise that On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading are continuing to provide all of our services, but at this time of COVID-19 we are doing so only via telephone, Zoom (or Skype), email and internet sharing methods.

We have been using telephone and internet methods of file-sharing for producing transcripts, reports and publications, for 18 years, so these COVID-19-social-distancing methods are second nature to us.

But we have made a few changes. Whereas in the past, we may have sometimes met you for a coffee in a cafe or your office to discuss your typing, editing or proofreading needs, nowadays we are meeting our clients only via phone, Zoom or Skype. Whereas previously, we may have picked up documents or USB sticks (with audio files) from our clients’ offices or homes, nowadays we are arranging a safe method to obtain those files or documents from you, without meeting you face-to-face. Whereas in the past, we sat in on your meeting and transcribed your minutes, nowadays we are linking into your teleconference, Zoom or Skype meetings, and scribing your meetings from our own offices. (We then edit and email you the report/minutes.)

You can contact us with queries about typing, scribing or minute-taking via telephone or Zoom, transcript producing using internet forwarding websites to send your files to us, or producing your self-published book, at Contact us.

For more information on how our team is addressing COVID-19 requirements, go to: Our business: staying safe in a Coronavirus world.

Stay safe and stay isolated.

Image: Darwin sky, thanks to Pat Josse.