Our transcriptionists have national police checks

One of our new Government clients in the Northern Territory recently advised they will need any transcriptionist who is involved in producing their transcripts to have a current national police check, as well as be living in the NT.

Two of our new transcriptionist contractors, Kyle and Denise, both of whom live in the Northern Territory, have current national police checks, and we have forwarded those documents to the NT Government client to view them.

Sally-Anne has also applied for a national police check and is still waiting for it to arrive. When it does, she will forward it to our NT client as well, so we can proceed with producing their transcripts.

Note: On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading’s contractors all live in Australia, and are bound by signed confidentiality agreements to maintain strict confidentiality in relation to all clients and any material encountered that pertains to those clients.

Image: by Sally-Anne Watson Kane: Darwin from the air.