Our Northern Territory-based projects – 2023

Below are some of the NT-based jobs we have completed (or are still working on) in 2023.

Life story writing: Over the past few months, I have been interviewing a client and his extended family members, and scribing their stories about the client’s childhood and later years. We are still in the drafting phase of his life story but I expect the manuscript to be complete and ready for editing by early next year.

Structural (developmental) editing: In early 2023, I completed the time-consuming task of rewriting and structurally editing a Territorian writer’s history of a specific remote location in the Northern Territory. I then submitted the edited manuscript to the client and his publisher, and he is now awaiting publication and the printed books.

NT Transcripts: In September/October 2023, I produced the transcripts (of audio recordings) of a large number of recordings of interviews in remote Top End of the NT,  transcribing not only the English language parts but also the words in Yolnu Matha. I transcribed the Yolnu Matha words phonetically where I was not already familiar with the words. In transcripts like this it is helpful to know the usual spelling rules around Yolngu Matha and other Top End languages.

Selection reporting for NT Government: As usual, we have scribed and produced selection reports for various NT Government departments, including Department of Education, and Department of Health.

Data capture: In mid-2023, we completed a very large data base typing (data capture) job for an NT Government department, which we do every year. Our Darwin typist Natalie completed this work exceptionally well, as always.

Typing a manuscript (poetry): This year, we have typed several manuscripts for clients in various states, including being commissioned by a Darwin local to copy type a collection of handwritten poems of their colleague.

Oral history project: We are still in the early stages of transcribing an oral history that was recorded in Darwin, as part of a life story project. In 2024, we will complete the transcription, and edit and produce the life story as a self-published book.

Image: by S W Kane – banyan tree, at Rob Wesley-Smith’s place in Howard Springs NT