On Time Typing taking one week’s break.

Happy new financial year, everyone.

For me, it’s almost time to catch up with all that book-keeping I’ve let get behind over the past few busy months. Almost time to prepare my 2015-16 tax return. But first, as I have been flatout for months but am expecting a short lull in July (because that is what always happens) I am going to TAKE A SHORT BREAK.

I am taking one week’s leave from Sunday 3rd July to Sunday 10th July.

During this time I will not be religiously responding to emails and I will not be adding anything to my website, blog, or Facebook or LinkedIn pages. I will, however, be responding to all telephone calls so if you have any queries during my period of leave, please give me a call and I’ll be happy to give you a call back and do whatever I can to assist.