New typist in Central Gippsland – welcome to the team, Sue!

I’d like to welcome our newest typist to the On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading (OTTEP) team of contractors: Sue Smith.

Sue lives in Mirboo North, Central Gippsland. She has extensive experience in copy typing and audio transcription.

While Sally-Anne Watson Kane (owner/operator of OTTEP) is also based in Central Gippsland, Sally-Anne hasn’t been able to keep up with local demand. This is where Sue’s assistance will be helpful.

Sue will be assisting OTTEP in typing documents such as handwritten manuscripts, handwritten letters, resumes, typed PDF documents with handwritten corrections, and other PDF documents.

So, welcome to the team, Sue!

We look forward to a long and satisfying working relationship, and continuing to providing our local typing and editing services across Central Gippsland.