It’s time to lodge your tax return!

It’s only July. Why lodge your tax return so soon?

  • If you
    find the idea of completing your tax return stressful you may prefer to
    get it done ‘asap’ so that you don’t stress about it any longer than
    you have to.
  • If you are afraid you are going to be faced
    with a huge tax bill, you’re better off lodging your tax return early
    so you can plan how to pay it.
  • If you’re expecting a
    refund from the tax office then the sooner you lodge your return the sooner you’ll receive the refund which is never a bad thing.
  • July is often a quietish time of year for businesses.
  • As July is a quiet time of year for my business,
    straight after lodging my April-June BAS I make an appointment with my accountant
    to get my tax return done as quickly as I can; so that by the time
    August arrives, my tax return has been almost or fully completed and
    lodged and I’m freed up to focus on looking after my clients and
    promoting my business.