From Gippsland to Bendigo and Central Vic, then back again

Over the past week I’ve been to Bendigo and a few other beautiful places in Central Vic (including Pyramid Hill, and Bridgewater on the Loddon (which is gorgeous, full-flowing and clean in that part of the river), then travelled  back over the mountains to home in Gippsland.

My ‘Christmas break’ kind of expanded into a Xmas/NY break, but never mind.

Thank you everyone for your patience while I was offline for a couple of weeks.

Now I’m back in my office again, and have launched back into work: my current project being, editing a Scottish author’s memoir. And I am now able to promptly respond to queries and provide quotes, again.

I have a really good feeling about this coming year 2022. May we all become healthier, happier, wealthier and wiser over the next 12 months. Or, if we can’t become all those things, at least let’s all become healthier and happier.