Festive season holiday period – see you in two weeks

Christmas Buddha

We are knocking off and going totally offline for two weeks in about one minute. We will return to work running on all cylinders on 8 January 2024.

Owner/operator of On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading Sally-Anne Watson Kane would like to sincerely thank all our clients, professional colleagues, writers and friends in our social media networks, for being our friend, colleague, sometimes mentee and sometimes mentor. It has been a tough year in some ways, a great year for growth, and a year of supporting one another with kindness and generosity – and I thank you for being part of that.

I wish you all a wonderful festive season (whatever form or belief your festivities take) and look forward to seeing you again in mid-January.

Please note if you would like to contact me prior to my return from leave on 8 January, you are welcome always to give me a ring on my mobile phone, or send me a text: the number is here.