COVID-19 update: editing consultations all via Zoom

Our editors – Sally-Anne, Claire and Dee – live in Victoria.

Chief editor Sally-Anne Watson Kane (in Gippsland, Stage 3) has been meeting and consulting with all her editing clients via Zoom for the past few months. She will continue to write and/or edit their life stories, memoirs and autobiographies primarily using this online method.

When editing manuscripts that don’t need very close consultation, we communicate with our clients via telephone and, of course, email.

We do not intend to meet clients face to face in areas that are designated Stage 3 or Stage 4 areas for the duration of COVID-19.

However, our typists and scribes living in other states – New South Wales, Queensland and Northern Territory – can meet clients face to face where appropriate, while adhering to the required social distancing rules.

Stay safe and COVID-free.