Back to work in Moe, after the festive season – writing, editing, coaching

Moe Vic

I have got back to work this week after a refreshing festive season – here in Moe, over in Bendigo, and also East Gippsland.

Now I am again engrossed in the final stages of designing a poetry book for our Bendigo client; conducting a structural edit of a Gippsland-based memoir; writing a life story for an NT-based client; and various ongoing coaching jobs where my team of coaches (including myself) coaches and supports our clients in writing their memoir, poetry book or novel.

I will be heading back to Bendigo again in a few days for meetings with a client and our newest poetry coach, who lives in Central Vic. Other than that, it’s back to work as usual for me, here in our Moe office.

Image: Moe, Gippsland. Copyright: SW Kane.