11th IPEd conference – Futureproofing the editing profession

IPEd’s 11th conference, with the theme “Futureproofing the editing profession”, will be held 2 to 9 May, 2023.

Excerpt from IPEd’s description of the conference:

“Like most occupations, the editing profession is evolving and shifting in the face of new technologies, changing client expectations and fresh opportunities. Our conference will look at the challenges and opportunities facing freelance and in-house editors, and ways to help futureproof the editing profession.

“Our program is centred around four streams related to futureproofing:

  • vital skills to futureproof your editing practice
  • publishing, and micro-credentials for editing
  • publishing and information design
  • editing in the digital age and other digital practices.”

To see the program and/or register for the conference go to: Futureproofing the editing profession.