Editing and proofreading reports, publications, poetry; self-publishing services

On Time Typing provides editing, proofreading and self-publishing services across Australia.

We offer a signed guarantee of confidentiality.

For a list of our current and previous clients, see below.

Editing and proofreading

Reports, policies, manuals, websites

On Time Typing edits and proofreads reports, policies and manuals in Word, InDesign and PDF for Government Departments, companies, businesses, organisations and individuals across Australia.

We edit and proofread in Word 2016, PDF, InDesign, PowerPoint, Excel and online. We offer a signed guarantee of confidentiality.

Collaborative poetry editing

On Time Typing edits poetry collaboratively, with the poet, to assist the poet in producing the perfect poem or book of poems. For more information go to: Collaborative poetry editing.

Fiction and non-fiction publications

On Time Typing edits fiction and non-fiction publications in Word and online. 

We proofread fiction and non-fiction publications in Word, InDesign, PDF and online.

Our experience

For information about our editing and proofreading experience, go to:

Self-publishing services

If you have written a manuscript and are ready for the next step of self-publishing, On Time Typing can assist by:

  • typing, editing, designing and/or proofreading the publication, and/or
  • producing the publication for you, to printed stage.

Our services include

  • explaining the processes of editing and self-publishing to you and providing you with a quote, at no charge
  • project planning, ISBN liaison/purchase, graphic design, obtaining quotes from printers, liaising with printers and producing the publication
  • writing funding applications including timelines and budgets for the publication; assisting with funding acquittal reports
  • typing handwritten/typed manuscripts
  • structural (developmental) editing
  • line editing and copy editing
  • graphic design (Word or InDesign)
  • proofreading (InDesign or PDF).
  • at our discretion, we may offer to publish your book under the Peewee Press imprint.

For information about our design services, go to: Graphic design

Our clients

Editing and proofreading

We have edited and proofread policies, reports and publications for:

  • Department of Education (NT)
  • LeasePlan Australia (VIC)
  • Department of Health (NT)
  • Department of Justice (NT)
  • Department of Territory Families (NT)
  • Charles Darwin University (NT)
  • Edith Cowan University (WA),
  • Financial Planning company (VIC)
  • Brisbane aircraft company (QLD)
  • Fokupers – editing publication (Timor Leste)
  • ETISC – editing publication (NT)
  • YWCA – editing publication (NT)
  • Trafalgar Bowls Club – editing publication (VIC)
  • Psychologist in Bendigo (VIC – ongoing)
  • businesses in VIC, NT and NSW – ongoing

Self-publishing services

We have produced self-published books for:

  • Crib Point Football and Netball Club, Victoria (current)
  • Trafalgar Bowls Club Inc, Victoria
  • YWCA of Darwin Inc, Darwin, NT
  • Fokupers, Dili, Timor Leste
  • ETISC, Darwin, NT
  • AFFET, Darwin, NT.

Additional information

Our editors

On Time Typing’s editors and graphic designers are Sally-Anne Watson Kane, Claire McGregor, Sue McKinnon and Dee Sansom. For information about our editing and designing experience and qualifications, go to: About our editors.


  • Free initial consultation and quote
  • Once a quote has been provided and you have accepted that quote, the quoted charges will apply to the work done after your acceptance of the quote
  • Our services are charged either at an hourly rate, or at a fixed rate for the whole task (based on the estimated hours for the whole task)
  • Call us for a chat and/or free consultation and quote: 0419 337824.