Why outsource your audio transcription?

Outsource to an expert

If  your business needs case notes, reports, minutes or transcripts accurately documented, it makes good sense to outsource your audio transcription to an expert so you:

  1. Save money
  2. Control exactly what you spend
  3. Ensure your documents are accurate
  4. Ensure your deadlines are always met
  5. Improve the efficiency and productivity of your business.

Save money

You can outsource the production of your case notes, reports,  meetings or interviews to a transcription business that offers quality and accuracy that give value for money. Some audio transcription businesses offer signed confidentiality agreements, are bound by the Privacy Act of Australia and are wholly based in Australia. Some businesses offer scribing as you speak – on-site or via telephone – of meetings, interviews and reports, as well as transcribing pre-recorded reports and interviews.

Outsourcing your document production tends to be cheaper than using your own employees. If your staff are responsible for transcribing recordings of dictation,  meetings or interviews and it’s not their main area of expertise, they’ll spend more hours than an expert transcription business to get the task done. If you outsource that transcription to an expert scribe or transcription business, your staff can concentrate on doing what they do best which is making your business more productive.

On Time Typing offers a free consultation and quote, signed guarantee of confidentiality, and on-site scribing as well as transcribing pre-recorded meetings, interviews, case notes and other reports. We have opted in to be bound by the Australian Privacy Act and are wholly based and owned in Australia.

Control exactly what you spend

If you employ your staff to scribe or transcribe your documents, you don’t have any control over how many hours of work you are paying someone to get the job done.

If you outsource your transcription to a business that charges ‘per audio minute’ rather than for the hours of work it takes to do that transcription, you can confirm the exact cost prior to getting it done. It doesn’t matter then if it takes longer than expected for the transcription business to do the job. You will be charged the exact amount quoted.

On Time Typing can give you an exact quote for producing your documents prior to you booking our services so you know before you confirm your booking exactly how much it is going to cost you.

Ensure accurate output

Look for a transcription business that offers guarantees of accuracy and has a reputation for quality, accuracy and reliability. Some transcription businesses even offer a money-back guarantee of accuracy.

On Time Typing offers a signed guarantee of Highly Accurate transcripts, reports and other documents. If they are not highly accurate we will give your money back. We carefully proofread your case notes, reports, minutes or transcripts after transcribing them to ensure that high level of accuracy.

Always meet deadlines

All successful businesses meet their deadlines.

If you run a busy office the best way to meet your deadlines is to outsource your document production to an audio transcription business that guarantees to meets its deadlines.

On Time Typing take prides in always meeting the agreed deadline. And if your deadline is very tight, be assured we will bend over backwards to meet it.

Improve efficiency and more productivity

It makes sense to outsource the document production needs of your business to an expert so you and your staff can concentrate on the aspects of the business in which you are expert.

Choose an audio transcription business that is wholly based in Australia and offers streamlined processes, a proven track record in accuracy and meeting deadlines and a free no-obligation consultation and quote.

On Time Typing is wholly owned and based in Australia and has opted in to be covered by the Australian Privacy Act; guarantees Quality, Confidentiality and Reliability; offers a signed Guarantee of Confidentiality; offers a money-back Guarantee that your transcripts will be Highly Accurate; and always meets your deadlines.

On Time Typing: call us on 0419 337824 for a free consultation and quote. 


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