Why network with industry colleagues?

Some of the benefits of investing your time and energy in networking with your industry colleagues are:

  1. you will learn and keep up-to-date about industry developments
  2. you will be given opportunities for new clients or business growth that you may otherwise have missed
  3. you can celebrate your achievements and congratulate others’ achievements
  4. you will find colleagues with whom you can safely and professionally vent, or seek guidance or assistance
  5. by getting to know other professionals in your industry, you will be able to refer your clients to colleagues who you know will look after them
  6. by showing other professionals in your industry that you are professional and good at what you do, your colleagues might refer clients to you.

How I have used my networking to benefit my editing business

Through my membership of Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) and its closed group on Facebook, I network, learn and share information with my colleagues in the editing industry, as often as every day.

This gives me professional development, informal mentoring at times, a place for me to provide advice or mentoring, and a place to brainstorm ideas. It is integral to my daily work as an editor and running my editing business.

Being a member of IPEd, and frequently contacting other members, has led to many new training opportunities, client contacts and jobs.

I regularly meet my colleagues in the Gippsland Editors network. Before COVID-19 we  met face to face which was a lovely change from my usual method of communicating online and via telephone. When COVID-19 restrictions have ceased we will recommence our face to face meetings.

I attended IPEd’s national conference, Beyond the Page 2019, a three-day national conference., where the networking was as important as the information gleaned from the seminars and workshops. I met face to face with dozens of editors whom I already knew as a result of our online interactions, and was introduced to dozens of new colleagues in the writing, editing and self-publishing industries.

Finally, I often attend online professional development seminars, workshops and networking meetings about editing,  writing,  self-publishing, small business management and marketing. I don’t only attend them to learn. I also attend these events for the opportunity to meet colleagues within the editing industry or in other industries.

Image by SWK: Easter Festival, Bendigo

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