“Whanau adventures” – picture book journey through Maori culture

Shirley Reynolds’ self-published picture book is a rollicking story takes the reader through a journey via the author’s travels with her large family through a series of fantasy worlds, cultural places and significant cultural events.

While it is presented as a children’s fiction picture book, the journey is memoir-based, reflecting Shirley’s own Maori background and heritage and her extended family in both New Zealand and Australia. Indeed, all of Shirley’s family members, from her grandparents down to the youngest generation, are included in this story which also features a glossary of the Maori words used throughout Shirley and her family’s adventures.

Produced by On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading/On Time Typing Books and Life Stories.

  • Author: Shirley Reynolds.
  • 32 pp, print.
  • Illustrated children’s picture book based on memoir/family and cultural stories and knowledge.
  • Typing, editing, design, proofreading and printer liaison by On Time Typing Books and Life Stories.
  • Illustrated and designed by Christina Carter. Illustrations based closely on the  author’s oral and handwritten story.
  • Self-published by (C) 2022 Shirley Reynolds.

Shirley wrote this story to share with family and friends. It is not intended for sale. If you’d like information about this story or would like a copy, contact us here and we will refer you to Shirley who is the sole copyright owner.

Image: Cover designed by Christina Carter. Copyright S Reynolds. Photograph: SW Kane.

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