Comparing: “traditional publisher”, “self-publishing services”, “hybrid publisher”, “vanity publisher” & “indie publisher”

What's the difference between a "publisher", "self-publishing services provider", "hybrid publisher", "indie publisher", and "vanity publisher"? Firstly, the first four models - publishing, self...

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How to use your NDIS funds for coaching, writing and/or editing support

In Australia, if you are an NDIS participant, you can use your NDIS funds to pay for writing, coaching or editing services and support - as long as (a) the support is necessary because of your disa...

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Buibere – volumes 1 and 2. Self-published oral histories of 22 East Timorese women, in Tetun and English

Acknowledgement Sally-Anne Watson Kane would like to acknowledge and thank her mentor, friend and bi'in, ita bo'ot Veronica Pereira, for the professional and cultural assistance and support she pr...

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