Poetry Editing Group (Gippsland) (PEGG) – record of poetry editing workshops

PEGG regularly meets online via Zoom and workshops/edits one others’ poems. For more information about PEGG or our poetry editing workshops, go to PEGG – who we are,. or contact Sally-Anne.

Record of PEGG’s poetry editing workshops


We have been meeting online via Zoom every one to two months to workshop/edit one another’s poems. Regular members Delia, Seamus and Sally-Anne, and occasional (guest) member Lenece.


During 2020 we met online via Zoom from March 2020 onwards. Regular members Delia, Seamus, Sally-Anne and Ash.

Prior to March 2020 we met face to face, in Moe.


We held our first PEGG workshop/meeting 9 November 2019.

October 2019: creation of PEGG by founders Sally-Anne, Seamus and Ash, after meeting face to face at Sally-Anne’s How to Edit Your Own Poetry workshop in September 2019 in Moe.

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