PEGG Report – Poetry Editing Group Gippsland workshop 8th Feb 2020

The second Poetry Editing Group Gippsland (PEGG) workshop was held from 12.30 pm to 5 pm at the Moe library, on Saturday 8th February, 2020.

The focus of this particular workshop was traditional haiku – very short nature-based poems of just  three stanzas of five, seven, and five syllables.


Unfortunately, Latrobe City Libraries had double-booked our usual room with the interactive whiteboard at the Moe library (due to an IT glitch with their appointment booking system). The Moe library staff were very helpful. They set us up in a room with a normal whiteboard, and we used the traditional method of actually writing the poems out on a whiteboard, at this poetry editing workshop.


Present: Seamus, Ash, and Sally-Anne. Apologies: Caitilin and Kristen.


At this workshop:

  1. We workshop-edited some haiku poems that each of us  had produced and brought along. We did this using the whiteboard and different-coloured markers.
  2. We workshop-edited some other poems (not haiku) that some of us had written, again, on the whiteboard, using coloured markers.
  3. Each of us had a go at writing some haiku at our workshop. We each chose a theme: the three themes were trees, arid central-Victoria type of country, and the seaside/beach. We each wrote a haiku about each theme. We then wrote them all up on the whiteboard and workshop-edited them.
  4. Somewhere between and during the above sessions we had lunch/snacks.


  1. We each ended up with a few finished haiku poems (some of which had been written at the workshop, while others had been written beforehand)
  2. Some other types of poems were workshopped to the stage where they were ready for further work and/or finalisation
  3. Not having our usual interactive whiteboard room meant having to write out our poems on the whiteboard by hand, but the upside of this was that the short delays caused by the poets writing up their poems on the whiteboard gave us a bit more space, and reflection time, than previous workshops
  4. We used the usual method of workshopping-editing – the repetitive read-aloud method (by the poet), with poets suggesting corrections and/or writing in corrections or suggestions on the whiteboard. This method worked really well and resulted in improving or finalising each poet’s poems
  5. All who were present agreed the format – not only workshopping the poems but also writing some new poems while we were there – worked really well, and it was a relaxing and fun day.

The next PEGG workshop/meeting will be held in May (date TBA).

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