Writers who have NDIS funding: how to use your NDIS funds to meet your self-publishing goals

In Australia, writers and poets who have NDIS funding are sometimes able to access and use their NDIS funds to hire typing, editing or coaching services from a writer, typist or editor to achieve their goals.

My business On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading (OTTEP) is currently providing typing, editing, scribing and coaching services to writers who are using their NDIS to pay for these services. We type handwritten manuscripts and other documents. We type or scribe what you say as you speak, to document your stories or testimonies. We provide writing coaching or self-editing consulting. We edit your stories, novel, memoir, poetry or whatever it is you are trying to write or self-publish. If you need your manuscript or document designed, printed and self-published, we can look after that side of things for you too.

Hiring someone to help you type and/or edit your manuscript or other documents

If producing clear, well-written stories, a memoir, a novel, a collection of poetry, or any other sort of documents, is  going to help you achieve your stated NDIS goals, you can to use your NDIS funds to pay for the services you need to do that. These may include hiring someone to:

  • scribe (type) as you speak, to document your words
  • scribe recordings of your dictation, to document your words
  • type your handwritten manuscript or other documents
  • coach you in writing, consulting with you via Zoom or telephone
  • consult with  you to help you self-edit your document online
  • edit your document to make it highly readable by your audience
  • compile your stories, memoir, testimonies, novel or collection of poems into a well-designed document or book to be printed or e-published.

OTTEP has provided and continues to provide the above self-publishing services to a number of clients who use their  NDIS funds to pay for those services.

Note:  when we provide you with ‘self-publishing services’ this means you pay for the services (typing, editing, design, printing or e-publishing). You are the author, and you own the copyright and the books.

Some examples of NDIS-funded services

Here are some examples of services we have provided to NDIS clients over the last 12 months and are still providing to them, paid for with their NDIS funds:

  • Client 1 (2021): Consulting via Zoom as a self-editing coach, to help them self-edit their memoir. Also scribing in extra information as they speak to fill out the details of their memoir.
  • Client 2 (2020):  consulted via telephone to edit and scribe in verbal information for her testimonies and memoir, then compiled, edited and printed their self-published memoir. Designed and printed the document and submitted it to the client.  (NB: the cost of design and printing depends whether it is professionally designed, printed and bound, or whether it is done on a lower budget (e.g. a photocopied, stapled-together hand-made book).
  • Client 3 (2021): scribing as they speak via telephone to scribe their short stories and testimonnies. Compiling their document so everything is in the right order (this is called structural editing).
  • Client 4 (2021): scribing as they speak via Zoom and using Google docs to scribe their verbal examination notes into study documents.
  • Client 5 (2019): editing their study documents in track changes as a written method of coaching them in writing and editing.

FYI: the steps of self-publishing a hardcopy book are listed here.

Hiring a life story writer to help you write your memoir

I’ve given writing and self-publishing memoirs and life stories a special section in this article because OTTEP specialises in memoir and life story writing.

If writing and self-publishing a memoir or your life story is aligned to your NDIS core goals, you can to apply to use your NDIS funds to hire someone  (like me) to help you do this.

The reasons you may need our life story writing services (rather than just an editor) to help you write and self-publish your memoir are:

  • if you are better at verbal story telling than writing, we can document your story for you. We sit with you (remotely or face to face) and record or type your story, as you speak. We transform your words into an edited manuscript, then a designed and self-published book.
  • if you have written some of your memoir but it needs lots of clarification and extra information, we ask you questions to obtain more information, and type it into the story for you. Or if you prefer, we can tell you where you need to write in more information to improve the memoir.
  • if you want to market and sell your memoir, it will need to be of a different standard than a memoir that you only  intend to give to family members and friends. We will edit your memoir to a level that suits the audience, then if you want, design and print (or e-publish) it.

So, how can use your NDIS funding to pay for these services?

NDIS-funded clients can use their NDIS funds to meet the stated goals within their NDIS plan. This is the case whether your NDIS funds are self-managed or managed.

If your goals are aligned with what we can offer you (above), and you wish to use our services, we will write a service agreement and an invoice that shows how our services address your specific goals. We then submit those documents to either you, your NDIS funds manager, or MyPlanManager.

If you would like more information about the above, please call us for a chat or send us an email.

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