Glowing praise for Blog article – Because we’re worth it!

Last week I received heart-warming feedback from Annie Hensley, of Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp Pty Ltd, about an article I had written and published on my blog and in LinkedIn in July 2016.

The article, entitled ‘Because we’re worth it,’ is about the new library and community centre that has recently opened in Moe in Gippsland (Victoria, Australia) and the rippling ‘wow’ effect of this spanking new building – with mirrored lifts, glass-bottomed floors and sweeping views of the snow-topped mountains – on our local community. Or, to borrow Annie’s term, socio-cultural regeneration through public libraries.

Annie has given me permission to reproduce her letter here:


Dear Sally-Anne,

We are absolutely thrilled with your description of Moe’s first reactions to their new community centre. The project architects and directors have circulated it to each other with such joy and pride.

These are the reactions we aspire to with our projects more than anything else. Although I was not personally involved I became quite teary reading it.

I am currently working with the State Library NSW Public Library Division, having collaborated with them on writing ‘People Places: a guide for public library buildings in NSW’, People Places.pdf, and I sent them your blog as the best example of why public libraries remain so critical for communities. In People Places, we talk about Urban and Socio-cultural regeneration through public libraries – how true for Moe.

We were wondering if we could quote from your blog in our publications/award submissions, making sure to reference your link. Let us know if that is OK. If you ever feel like dropping us a line, we would also love to hear of any further feedback or changes experienced in the town as a result of this project.

Many thanks for writing such a wonderful piece, perhaps the best words ever written about one of our libraries.


Annie Hensley


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Thank you Annie for your glowing praise. FJMT is most welcome to quote from my article in any publications/award submissions.

Update: the Moe library in 2020: Libraries really do change lives. 

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