What types of reports do you scribe?

We scribe reports for businesses, companies and government departments in the following industries: financial advice; medical specialists; justice, correctional services, education, business, health, lands and planning, primary industries, local government. We scribe:

  • Selection reports
  • Referees’ reports
  • Special measures reports
  • Work performance reports
  • Reports of meetings, workshops and seminars
  • Medical and psychologist reports
  • Testimonies
  • Tender applications and other submissions.

We scribe reports and minutes either via telephone or on site (depending on your location). We either:

  • Scribe the report exactly as dictated
  • Scribe then edit the report
  • Scribe then edit and proofread the report
  • Scribe the client’s verbal comments and write a report based on that verbal information and any relevant documented information, or
  • Scribe the proceedings of a meeting, workshop or seminar then produce a report of the event.

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