Can you scribe dictation?

Yes. We transcribe dictated case notes, reports and correspondence for businesses and companies:

  • reports and correspondence for psychologists and other medical specialists
  • property valuations; we also scribe handwritten valuations into valuation reports
  • work performance reports
  • financial advice reports.

Scribing dictation via telephone

We accurately scribe dictation as you speak, via telephone, at normal conversation pace. We scribe what you say, as you say it then edit it slightly into the document you need. Alternatively, if you would like us to reword your dictation to produce the report in a more formal language and style, we do that for you. After the scribing consultation, we edit the draft as required to produce your reports or other documents. We submit all documents by the agreed deadline.

Transcribing pre-recorded dictation

If you have recorded your dictation onto audio files, we transcribe those recordings as required. We produce dictated correspondence or reports as either draft documents for you to edit or check yourself or as proofread documents that are guaranteed to be highly accurate. We submit all documents by the agreed deadline.

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