Can you help me publish my manuscript?

Sally-Anne Watson Kane (Proprietor of On Time Typing) also owns and operates a small publishing business, Peewee Press. Sally-Anne is experienced in editing and proofreading documents and has edited and produced several publications. See Sally-Anne’s portfolio at: About Us

Free consultations

If you are looking for a graphic designer or publisher, or are at any stage of producing your manuscript and don’t know the next step to take, we are happy to share our knowledge freely, in regard to writing, editing, proofreading, graphic design, coordinating publications or the tasks involved in self-publishing.

If you would like us to edit or proofread your manuscript for you, we will consult with you to find out exactly what you need, ask you to provide us with a copy of hte book so we can confirm the level of editing or proofreading needed, and provide you with a quote for editing or proofreading, as required.

Charged consultations/editing

Once you have confirmed you would like us to edit or proofread your manuscript, we charge for any further consultations that are part of the editing task.

Depending on the type of publication and our other commitments at the time, we may offer to assist you in regard to coordinating the publication, finding a graphic designer, producing your publication and/or publishing your book as a Peewee Press publication; or if we can’t help you at that time we’ll refer you to someone who can.

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