Can you help me publish my manuscript?

Yes, we can help you publish your manuscript. But we are not a “publisher” per se.

We are a self-publishing services provider. That means we produce your book and help you publish it as the “self-publisher”. We charge you for our services, and the books are wholly owned by you from start to finish. All we ask is for you to give a copy of your book to us (one to each team member who has worked on it: e.g. the editor, the designer and the publications coordinator).

We have produced a number of self-published books over the last few years. See: The books we have produced.

By comparison, a traditional publisher pays all the expenses of producing your book, then when the book sells, they pay you only a small royalty per book. If they sell thousands or millions of books you will make a lot of money; if they only sell a few hundred you won’t make much at all.

For a comparison of the different types of providers – from self-publishing services providers to traditional publishers, and everything in between – go to: Vanity publishers vs hybrid publishers vs publishers, etc. 

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