About on-site editing courses in Australia

Many institutions in Australia offer on-site degrees, diplomas and certificates in editing.

University and TAFE courses tend to be higher cost and their courses are nationally recognised. Award and non-award courses offered by private institutions tend to be lower cost but they may not be accredited or recognised.

Some courses have better reputations than others. Some courses come highly recommended by the editors who have completed them; others are virtually unknown by professional editors.

If you wish to undertake an on-site editing course in Australia

If you wish to undertake an on-site editing course, we recommend you:

  • do some online research to find an editing course or courses in your preferred area. IPEd’s list of institutions in Australia that offer editing courses (which are sometimes combined with writing courses) is a good place to start : IPEd – Careers in editing.
  • compare the prices, and reputation, of the different editing courses you are considering.
  • conduct some research to make sure the course you are considering is of high quality; for example, contact some professional editors and ask them whether they have heard of the course, or would recommend it. (If you contact me here and tell me the name of the course you are considering, I will ask my editor colleagues for their feedback about the course and pass it on to you.)

For information about online editing courses, and some recommended online editing courses in Australia, go to: Online editing courses.

Image:  Moe library. Copyright SW Kane

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