7 reasons to keep your blog articles short

What are the benefits of publishing short blog articles?

  1. A short (500 word) article is more likely to be read in full than a long (1000 plus word) article.
  2. A short article about one topic is easier to read on a screen (especially an iphone) than a long article about several related topics.
  3. A short article takes less time to write and edit than a long article. For example, a long article may take six writing/editing hours to publish. An article half the length will take only three hours. An article a third of of the length will take only one to two hours.
  4. Because a short article takes less time to write and edit, you can either write more articles with your ‘blog article writing time’, or spend fewer hours every week writing and editing blog articles.
  5. Spending three to five hours less writing and editing time, producing each article, means you can spend that saved time doing other things; for example, earning money, spending time with family, or maybe writing your first/next novel.
  6. If you link your short articles to other related articles you have written, you can really make your blog work for both you and your readers. Split one long article about blog writing up into, say, three different short articles, and link each of those articles to the other two. That way, if your reader wants to keep reading, they can click into those other articles and get the benefit of reading all you have to say, without having to navigate a long article.
  7. Google and other search engines love short articles, focused on a single topic, because they want to give their audience the best experience possible. That is why Google tends to choose short, single-focused articles over long ones.

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Image: Pixabay, Ronald Plett

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