Why use an audio transcription service provider for your overflow audio typing?

Why would you outsource your overflow audio typing to an expert in the field,
rather than employ an extra typist or overload your existing typists?

  • To save money. The needs of all businesses fluctuate. Sometimes
    you don’t have enough typists or hours in the day; sometimes you do. If you employ enough staff to cover you for those busier times, and you might find
    yourself paying typists to twiddle their thumbs during the slower
    periods. If you outsource your overflow dictation to an audio transcription service provider instead of employing extra typists in your own office 1) the demands of your
    business will be met and 2) every cent spent will be
    well worth the money.
  • To allow you to control what you spend. Look for an audio transcription service provider that 1) charges ‘per
    audio minute’ for transcribing dictation so they can tell you exactly how much your documents are going to cost before you give them the go-ahead to do the job, and 2) offers cheaper rates for less urgent timelines so you can choose how much to spend.
  • To ensure that your output is accurate. Look for an audio transcription business that offers a money-back guarantee of accuracy.
  • To meet tight deadlines. Whilst your staff will not always be able to meet deadlines due to there just not being enough time in the day, choose an audio transcription provider that 1) guarantees to meet your stated deadline, and 2) will bend over backwards to meet very urgent deadlines.
  • To be more efficient: Choose an audio transcription service provider with 1) streamlined processes for receiving audio recordings and submitting transcripts, 2) a solid history and 3) proven success in its field.

Note: On Time Typing has over the years earned an excellent reputation
for quality, accuracy, confidentiality and reliability. Contact us for
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