What’s on – clients in Perth, Gippsland, Bendigo, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Darwin and other NT

Here’s an update of what’s been going on, over the last few weeks (and is still going on, in most cases, because these jobs are current) in regard to the services On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading is providing to our clients across Australia.

  1. Producing a procurement report for NT Government.
  2. Typed a manuscript for a client in Traralgon, Gippsland (completed).
  3. Doing a developmental edit of a fantasy novel that includes poetry for a client who lives in Sydney.
  4. Doing a structural/developmental edit of a memoir/local history for a client who lives in a remote community in the NT.
  5. Commenced a longer-term contract with a government agency in the Northern Territory for producing transcripts.
  6. Continuing to work as coach and editor of poetry and short stories with a client from Namibia who lives in Adelaide, SA.
  7. Post-job liaison and feedback with client G Marr (in Scotland), after doing a structural edit of his memoir which he then self-published as a book.
  8. NDIS client – face to face support in IT, typing and education. Darwin, NT.
  9. NDIS client – coaching an author in writing and self-editing, and developmentally editing, their manuscript. Perth, Western Australia.
  10. NDIS client – scribed our client’s essays and study notes as she spoke, via online methods of her choice plus telephone, assisting her to complete her law studies (discontinued for a period; will recommence when she recommences studies). Sydney, NSW.
  11. NDIS client – coaching in written and verbal communication, self-editing, compiling a collection of stories or other written pieces by family members; at the planning stages only. Adelaide, SA.

In addition to our paid work (above), Sally-Anne is currently mentoring an early career editor who lives in Queensland, and is volunteer scribe/committee member as Secretary of Life Stories Australia, and committee member of the local swimming club in her area.