Self-published book launched Saturday 3 August

We are proud to announce that Riding the bumps with a grin… At Crib Point! was launched on Saturday at Crib Point Football and Netball Club clubrooms.

Produced by On Time Typing under our imprint, Peewee Press, this 450-page book of facts, figures, anecdotes, history and photographs was written and compiled by Michael Cusick, printed by Minute-Man Prahran, and self-published by Crib Point Football and Netball Club and Crib Point Cricket Club.

As Michael says in the blurb, ‘This is the story of how a minnow-club from a tiny working-class town, Crib Point, struggled then delivered social recompense, meaning and relevance to its battler barrackers: the history of the Mornington Peninsula Magpies.’

Congratulations to Michael and this courageous little Club for not only writing and compiling all the information and photographs but also funding 100% of the production and printing of this publication.

It has been an honour working with you, and we wish you all the best.

Note: for enquiries about this book, please contact On Time Typing via our Contact Us page and I will forward your query to the Club.

Photograph: Author Michael Cusick (centre), with On Time Typing publication team members Ruth, who typed the manuscript (left) and Sally-Anne, who edited the book (right). We also acknowledge On Time Typing’s graphic designer, Claire, who was not able to attend the book launch.