On Time Typing has a new NT Receptionist

Congratulations to Samantha Suitor for becoming our new On Time Typing Receptionist. Samantha Suitor is operating the Receptionist role from her office near Darwin. Samantha’s skills and experience include reception, administration, typing and scribing roles. We are delighted to welcome her...... More

Wanted: NT Telephone Receptionist/Admin person

On Time Typing (OTT) provides typing, report writing, scribing, audio transcription and formatting services to clients in the Northern Territory and across Australia. We are seeking a person living either in or near Darwin or Alice Springs to provide the following...... More

Welcome to our new audio transcriptionists

On Time Typing would like to welcome two new audio transcriptionists: Rae Desmond, of Hampton Hills, Victoria, and Judie Burleigh, whom lives near Moe, Victoria. Both have extensive audio transcription experience and are an asset to the team.... More

Word Lovers’ Ink

Proprietor Sally-Anne Watson Kane is currently progressing a new writer’s group/network. Contact us to help evolve Word Lovers’ Ink.... More

Are you Linked In?

Sally-Anne Watson Kane, the Proprietor of On Time Typing, participates regularly in discussions on Linked In. We are interested in writing, editing, grammar, punctuation; self-publishing; copyright and ethical use/ownership of images, text and recorded material. Feel free to connect with her...... More

ICN registration

On Time Typing is now registered as a local service provider in Victoria with Industry Capability Network (ICN) Victoria. Telephone Proprietor Sally-Anne Watson Kane on 0419 33724 or email: [email protected] On Time Typing is now registered as a local service provider...... More

Green Policy

On Time Typing’s Moe office has been implementing power saving policies such as switching off computers and other equipment when not in use, using low wattage lighting and utilising the power-saving options on equipment; and has solar power. We have for...... More