Are you paying too much for your power bills?

Over the past year or two, I have sometimes heard friends talking about how most of us are paying through the nose for our power and the huge discounts that are available, if you get off your bum and ask for...... More

Wanted: NT Scribe

Are you experienced in scribing minutes of meetings either on site or via telephone? Are you an Australian citizen? Do you live in the Northern Territory? Do you have excellent writing skills including very good knowledge of spelling, grammar and punctuation?...... More

WHAT do you actually do?

By Sally-Anne Watson Kane When people ask me, as they often do, ‘what do you actually do?’ I find it hard to articulate what it really is that I do in just a few words. I manage a small business, On...... More

Update – Scribing Interview Reports

NT Government changed the format of their reports in July, and so for a few months I was adapting to that change and learning how to write the reports in the new format. I was then able to review my rates...... More


I am currently finishing off the first couple of posts for my new blog which will be coming soon to this website. I plan to cover several areas with my blog including: tips for starting up a typing/scribing business; tools of...... More

Sally-Anne Watson Kane is now a member of Editors Victoria

Sally-Anne Watson Kane has recently become a full member of Editors Victoria and is registered as a freelance editor and freelance proofreader.... More

Resumes – if they’re worth writing, they’re worth proofreading

If you are going to spend the time required to write a good job application and resume, don’t forget the most important part: get it proofread to make sure there are no spelling, punctuation or grammar errors, before you submit it....... More

Wanted: Scribe (anywhere in Australia)

We are seeking a an experienced scribe with the following skills and experience: Exceptional spelling, grammar and writing skills. Very good accuracy in scribing discussions (directly into a computer/laptop). Ability to efficiently edit scribed documents into well written, edited and proofread...... More

Seeking an NT Receptionist/Scribe

On Time Typing is currently seeking a receptionist (preferably with scribing experience) to manage its virtual NT branch. The receptionist must have own ABN, must be available to receive telephone calls/telephone messages at least once a day Monday to Friday, and...... More

New Publication by Peewee Press

100-Up – From Here to Here – Trafalgar Bowls Club Inc 1915 – 2015.  Compiled by Joanne Savige and Graham J Hill. Edited and designed by Sally-Anne Watson Kane. Published by Peewee Press October 2015. ISBN: -13:978-1-921216-01-5. A 100-year history of...... More