On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading in Victoria – face mask update

Regional Victoria

As of Sunday night 2 August 2020, when we need to consult with you face to face (in regards to editing, typing manuscripts or transcripts), we will be wearing face masks or transparent face shields when consulting face to face with clients.

Most editing and typing consultations will continue to be held  online, via Zoom, telephone, email or other platforms.

Melbourne and Mitchell Shire

At this time, we will continue to consult with all clients in Melbourne or Mitchell Shire (in regards to editing, typing manuscripts, or transcripts) online, via Zoom, telephone, email or other platforms.

All other states

We mainly consult with clients in regards to editing, typing or transcripts, via online methods (email, Zoom, telephone); but if we need or want to meet you face to face, we can do so where we have a typist or editor living near you.

We have typists or editors in Alice Springs, Darwin, Cairns, Coffs Harbour, and Adelaide, so if you live in those places, we can meet with you to discuss your typing, editing or transcription needs.

Wear your face masks and stay safe, Victorians!