New Year update – and all the best for 2023

I hope everyone had a happy new year – both calendar and Chinese – and that you are enjoying 2023 so far.

I started the new year by breaking my right arm, so not off to a good start. However, due to the fact I have a very strong team of typists, scribes and editors, it didn’t take me long to get back on track with all the ongoing typing, editing, graphic design and self-publishing projects I’d already been managing.

I look forward to next week, when my arm will be free of plaster and I should be able to use my right hand and do my own typing again.

Sincere thanks to my team, especially scribes and typists Jarrah, Denise, Kyle and Meg, and editors Kelly and Claire, who have been busy helping me out during this time. I certainly couldn’t have done it without you!


Sally-Anne – owner/operator On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading