I am currently finishing off the first couple of posts for my new blog which will be coming soon to this website. I plan to cover several areas with my blog including: tips for starting up a typing/scribing business; tools of the trade (the equipment that you need to operate a typing/scribing business); editing and proofreading (why and when you might need an editor, the differences between editing and proofreading, and a lot of information about the finer details of editing and proofreading); and ‘Write Better…’ where I will be posting tips and guidance for writing better resumes, reports, tender submissions etc. I might also have a tag/section for ‘What I’m reading’ (i.e. brief book reviews). I’ll also be working with you, my readers, to give you what you want and so if you say you would like more information on formatting, or copytyping messy handwriting, for example, I will write an article to suit.

So… WATCH THE BLOGSPACE on this website as it will soon be filled!