Confidentiality and the Australian Privacy Act

Until recently, I had thought that all Australian businesses were covered by the Australian Privacy Act 1988. However, I have now discovered that businesses that earn less than $3 million per annum are not necessarily covered by this Act and if they wish to be covered must ‘opt in’ to be covered by the Privacy Act.

I have now ‘opted’ On Time Typing in, to be covered by the Privacy Act.

Once my application is accepted, I will add this information to my website and social media profiles and On Time Typing will be listed as such on the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) register.

‘Opting in’ and being registered by OAIC will not change my practices. I already offer a signed guarantee of confidentiality to all clients. Before adding a new typist or transcriptionist to the team, I require him/her to sign a strict confidentiality agreement, and I need two referees to be able to vouch for his/her experience in working with sensitive material and maintaining confidentiality. I maintain good practice in terms of keeping clients’ information safe and always maintain confidentiality in the strictest of terms.

However, in my view, being registered as voluntarily committing to abide by the Privacy Act and having that publicly acknowledged, at worst can’t do any harm, and at best might   inspire potential clients to trust me even more than they already do!