Scribing and Writing Reports

On Time Typing specialises in online scribing, writing and editing: minutes, interview reports, referees' reports and dictated reports. We scribe as you speak (either via telephone or on site) then edit your documents as required; e.g.:

We scribe either via telephone/teleconference or on site, depending on where you live. We scribe events all over Australia via telephone. We may be able to scribe your event on site if you live in or near Darwin (Northern Territory), Melbourne, Bendigo or Gippsland (Victoria).

If you have any questions about the quality of our minutes, reports or other documents, please phone us on 0419-337824 or email:

Scribing dictation

We scribe reports and correspondence either via telephone, on site, or based on audio recordings of dictation.

Scribing dictation: clients

We produce medical reports, financial reports, valuation reports, testimonies, affidavits and correspondence for government departments, businesses and individuals including:

Selection reports and referees' reports

We scribe selection reports and referees' reports via telephone/teleconference, or on site.

Selection reports and referees' reports: clients

We regularly scribe selection reports and referees' reports for government departments including:

Scribing minutes of meetings

We scribe minutes of meetings either via telephone, based on audio recordings of the meeting, or on site:

Please note that comments made during the meeting will need to be audible for those comments to be written into the minutes. It is recommended that all participants  speak clearly.

Minutes of meetings: clients

We have scribed minutes and reports of Annual General Meetings, steering committee meetings, symposiums and workshops for a large number of clients including:

Scribing submissions and applications

We scribe submissions and applications via telephone or on site and, if appropriate, draw information from relevant documents to produce your submission or application.

Submissions and applications: clients

We have produced applications and submissions for government departments, non-government agencies and businesses including:


Call us  for a free consultation and quote on: 0419 337824.