Editing, Proofreading, Self-Publishing

On Time Typing offers a signed Guarantee of Confidentiality, and the following services.

Structural (developmental), line and copy editing, and proofreading:

Graphic design: fiction and non-fiction publications and reports (using InDesign and/or Word); editing and proofreading in InDesign and other programs.

Self-publishing services: planning, editing, proofreading, graphic design, obtaining printer and other quotations and liaising with printer.

What we will do for you

Editing and proofreading

Reports, policies, manuals

On Time Typing edits and proofreads reports, policies and other documents in Word, InDesign and PDF for Government Departments, companies, businesses, organisations and individuals across Australia. 

Our clients include:

Websites and publications
Our editors

On Time Typing editors are experienced in editing, proofreading and designing fiction and non-fiction publications using Word, PDF and InDesign, to printer-ready stage. For a summary of this experience go to: stay posted for our upcoming article, 'On Time Typing editors', detailing our joint editing, proofreading and graphic design experience. 

On Time Typing's editors and designers are:

* subcontractors

For more details about the editors and typists on our team, go to: On Time Typing Team.

Self-publishing services

On Time Typing provides the following self-publishing services to individuals and organisations:

For more information about our self-publishing services and experience in self-publishing, go to: Publications by Peewee Press and Sally-Anne Watson Kane


  • There is no charge for an initial consultation or general consultations about writing, editing, proofreading or publishing

  • Once a quote has been provided and you have accepted that quote, the charges in that quotation will apply; i.e. if an hourly rate has been quoted for consultations, writing, editing or proofreading those hours will be charged at the rates outlined in the quote

  • Writing, editing, proofreading, graphic design and other self-publishing services are charged either at an hourly rate, or at a fixed rate for the whole task (based on the estimated hours for the whole task)

  • Call us for a free consultation and quote: 0419 337824.