Business Writing, Editing and Proofreading

Sally-Anne Watson Kane, Proprietor of On Time Typing is a full member of Institute of Professional Editors (Australia) and has 30 years' experience in report writing, writing non-fiction, fiction and poetry, structural editing, copy editing, line editing and proofreading.

On Time Typing writers and editors:

If you would like to speak to a recent client regarding the quality of our report writing, editing or proofreading services, please let us know and we will provide the contact details of referees.

What we will do for you

Importantly, we will only offer to write, edit or proofread a document where we are confident we have the required skills and experience to write, edit or proofread your particular subject matter. If we are not confident we have sufficient expertise to provide excellent quality, we will refer you to a writer or editor with more relevant experience.

Our clients and experience

Report writing: selection reports 

Over the past 15 years we have scribed, written and edited selection reports and referees' reports for:

We scribe information verbally via telephone and draw from the information in resumes, applications and  relevant reports to write comprehensive and transparent selection reports. We guarantee your reports will be accurate and clearly presented in a style that meets the relevant style guides and templates.

We continue to produce selection reports and referees' reports on a weekly basis. If you have any recruitment processes coming up and would like us to produce your reports for you, please give us a ring and book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Report writing: other types of reports

We have 15 years' experience in writing reports, articles, applications, submissions and other documents including:

Editing and proofreading policies, manuals and reports

Over the past 15 years we have edited and proofread a large number of reports, policies and other documents for organisations including:

Editing and proofreading publications

Sally-Anne Watson Kane has coordinated, edited and proofread a number of publications including research; planning; writing funding applications; coordinating authors and/or providers of oral histories; editing; coordinating teams of editors, proofreaders, photographers and designers; proofreading; and coordinating printers and printing:

For a more detailed list of Sally-Anne Watson Kane's publications see the About Us page of this website:  About Us

Sally-Anne has also edited and/or proofread a number of non-fiction and academic publications for various clients.

Editing English translations and other languages

Sally-Anne Watson Kane has translated Tetun to English, and English to Tetun, on many occasions over the past 10 years. She continues to develop her skills in spoken and written Tetun, and interpreting and translating both languages. She is experienced in scribing in both Tetun and English; editing in both languages; translating English to Tetun and translating Tetun to English; interpreting English into Tetun and vice versa. 

Our commitment

Sally-Anne Watson Kane, Proprietor of On Time Typing, is committed to:

We offer free consultations and advice in regard to writing, editing, proofreading, oral history, self-publishing and coordinating others' publications. After discussing the issues with us, if you would then like us to assist further by editing or proofreading your manuscript, we will provide you with a quote.


Call us  for a free consultation and quote on: 0419 337824.