Subtle business blogging

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Subtle business blogging

A good business blog article is one that's well-written and inspiring, informative or entertaining and not  obviously promoting your business. Blogging about different subjects that are either only vaguely related to what you sell, or not related to your business at all, can be a great way of sharing views, information and ideas and at the same time, subtly promoting your business.

Show the reader who you are

If your blog is in your own website, your readers may notice some other articles you've written and go on to read them. If your blog articles interest them, they're likely to glance at your website banner to see who you are and what you sell. Viola - your blog has promoted your business.

If you publish your articles in a blogging site or LinkedIn or another social media platform - that is, your articles are not housed within your own website - you should always end each article with a short blurb about you and your business, and a link to your website and other articles you've written. That way, readers who feel really positive about reading the article can check out your other articles and website, if they're so inclined. 

Subtle promotion

If your blog article gives good information about what you sell and is actually about those goods or services themselves (not about the fact that you sell them) it can showcase your knowledge about what you sell without forcing your business goods or services down the reader's throat. 

This subtle way of information-sharing and promoting your business is likely to be seen by the reader as helpful and leave them feeling positive about you and what you sell.

Some of the topics I cover in my business blog are about what I sell: editing and proofreading, audio transcription, scribing and business writing. The main aim of my articles is not to sell my services but to inform the reader about the subject. But at the same time as informing the reader about, say, editing and proofreading, the articles are showing them that I really know what I'm talking about when it comes to editing and proofreading. This may prompt them to click the 'editing and proofreading' tab on my website; or next time they need something edited or proofread, remember that blog article and look me up.

Extremely subtle promotion

A business blog that's about topics that have little relevance to what you sell can also very subtly but successfully promote your business, as long as your articles are about subjects likely to interest the types of people who are your potential customers. 

The benefits of publishing blog articles that have no direct relevance to what you sell are: 1) the reader will perceive the article has been written purely for information-sharing; that there is no ulterior motive, 2) if the article is inspiring, informative or entertaining the reader will end up feeling positive about the experience, and 3) in that positive mood, the reader is likely to take a quick look at who's written the article and maybe check out your other articles and business website.

For example, most of the topics I cover in my blog are not related to what I sell. I write reviews of books, movies and events; articles about work-life balance, working from home and other issues around freelancing or managing online businesses; and other articles about business blogging. I don't sell about any of those things. I just write about them.

I write and publish those articles that are unrelated to my business purely to inspire, share information or entertain. But for the reader's benefit, at the end of each article there's that little blurb that says who I am and what my business does, and links back to other related articles and/or my business website. And if they click into that site, they learn that in addition to blogging I also provide scribing, editing and audio transcription services. Viola - a potential customer.

Honest blogging

Whether or not your blog is related to what you sell, your business blog is potentially a showcase for your business. If your blog article is presented nicely, is easy to read and shows you know what you're talking about, the reader will perceive you as someone who's not only good at writing and knows your subject, but who is also honest, professional and reliable. You have won over that reader, and every reader is a potential customer.

But the beauty of writing a good article is that it doesn't really matter whether or not that reader turns into a customer. The fact they have read and enjoyed, or learned from, or been inspired by, your article counts for something that whilst intangible, is important; it has created a timeless link between you and the reader. 

Which is at the heart of all good writing.

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