On-site scribing in Darwin, Melbourne, Bendigo, Gippsland

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On-site scribing in Darwin, Melbourne, Bendigo, Gippsland

Scribing across Australia

On Time Typing scribes and edits minutes and reports via telephone and online transcription and/or on site for clients in Darwin, Alice Springs, Bendigo, Melbourne, Gippsland, Brisbane and Sydney. Clients of our scribing services include NT and Victorian Government departments, specialist consultants, universities, not-for-profit organisations, businesses and companies.

Expert scribes

On Time Typing scribes are experts in:

  • scribing and producing minutes of meetings
  • scribing (verbatim) any type of document, as you speak
  • consulting with individuals or groups to scribe submissions, reports and other documents
  • editing and/or proofreading  minutes, submissions, policies, reports and other documents.

For detailed information about our experience in scribing minutes and reports, go to: Scribing minutes and reports

Telephone scribing

On Time Typing specialises in scribing meetings, interviews and referees' reports as you speak, via telephone. We do this around Australia.

Face to face scribing

We scribe minutes and reports face to face (on site), as well as via telephone, in Melbourne, Gippsland and Central Victoria.

We usually have an on-site scribe in Darwin. However, at the moment we don't have a suitably skilled person to scribe face to face in Darwin, so we scribe your minutes or reports via telephone.


For further information check out our website or call Sally-Anne at: 0419 337824.

In 2002, I started On Time Typing as a sole trader scribing and editing business in Darwin, which has over the years evolved into an online scribing, editing and audio transcription business with clients across Australia. Stay posted for future articles about scribing, editing, proofreading and related topics.

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