Labor Day 12 March: day off for On Time Typing


Monday 12 March 2018 is Labor Day in Victoria. 

Labor Day had its origins in Australia in the eight-hour-day movement which advocated for people not not spend more than eight hours a day working, to allow eight hours for recreation time and eight hours for sleep. How relevant Labor Day is in Australia today - where employees are being expected to work outside normal work hours, many are expected to work more than eight hours, and everyone seems to have forgotten what it was like in the 'olden days' (pre 2000s) when nearly everyone actually had weekends off so they could spend that time with their kids or going on family trips - is debatable. 

But I think it's good to remember Labor Day and the great win for the workers in achieving the eight hour day, even if that win didn't last forever. 

On Time Typing is not open for business on Labor Day 12 March 2018.